50+ Useful Ways To Express Your Opinion In English

50+ Useful Ways To Express Your Opinion In English

Despite the threat of a Spanish bailout having abated for the moment, Europe remains in intensive care. The good news is that between the ECB, the IMF and a bunch of slick politicians, they seem to have the happy knack of averting crisis! Even though the fuse seems to have been lit in the Middle East, the timer has been set to ultra-slow motion. The changing of the guard in China was picture perfect and the moderation in growth seems to have catalysed a consumption stimulus. The fragility of the current economic environment seems to be balanced by near certainty that the future holds promise and cannot spin out of control.

I have told Kitco readers before that one of the best methods to trade a market is to jump on board when prices “break out” of a congestion or “basing” area on the chart and begin a new trend. I have also stressed to my valued readers that one of the riskiest and least successful trading methods is trying to pick tops and bottoms in markets. Now, I’m going to muddy the waters just a bit and discuss contrary opinion.

General Point Of View

Neill styled himself “the Vermont Ruminator,” and just looking at his photo you can imagine the flinty independence characteristic of Vermonters. Contrary to popular opinion, higher taxes end up benefiting people more than lower ones. Contrary Opinion is best described as the idea that when the vast majority of people agree on anything, they are usually wrong. I’m not suggesting that you always do the opposite of the majority, but you should certainly consider that alternative.

And unless you majored in finance or are a stock broker yourself, you may not feel confident enough to start investing on your own. But Jim bowed out of the business in 2004 due to failing health, and while the publishing business ended soon after, the money management business , including the forum, was acquired by a fellow from North Carolina.

Words Nearby Contrary

Circumstances which lead to different combinations of outlets being used are indicated. A result of some generality is that if the certain forward price is high enough for this outlet to be used, then total output is the same as if this were the only alternative.

A main reason for this trading tenet is to keep you from being swayed or influenced by the opinions of others while you are in the middle of a trade. Popular opinion is many times, not the right opinion when it comes to market direction.

I mentioned the Commitments of Traders Report in Module 5, and this breaks down the open interest by type of trader. You should check that not more than half is held by hedgers, as they are considered to be well financed and in a strong position. Despite investors being aware of the incredibly demanding valuations at which blue-chip tech stocks traded, analysts conjured a compelling story about the sustainability of annual earnings growth in excess of percent. The risk of owning these companies was great because investor expectations had lost touch with reality. The essence of contrarian thinking—mean reversion—has an incredibly limited following.

Contrary Adjective

Our study adds to the literature by providing initial evidence on the interaction between short-horizon return predictability and investors’ sentiment by traders’ types on US commodity futures market. We find that the short-term contrarian profit is more associated with an increase rather than a decrease in hedgers’ sentiment. However, the interaction between lagged return and past change in speculators’ sentiment illustrates that the short-term contrarian profit is more associated with a decrease rather than an increase in sentiment.

Second, we present the nexus between the proposed novel investor sentiment and conditional volatility, which shows that the proposed investor sentiment significantly impacts on return and volatility. It indicates that the emerging markets filled with noise traders like China are more deeply influenced by investor sentiment and bring about more volatility.

Conversely, if sceptics rule, there are likely to be many participants sitting on the sidelines with large sums of cash, who can be cajoled back into the market. The forum was born in Manchester, Vermont in 1962, the brainchild of Humphrey Neill, who wrote four books on investing. Neill was a major proponent of the theory of Contrary Opinion, which maintains that whenever the herd is running in one direction, one should consider evaluating the options for moving in the opposite direction.

Synonym Study For Contrary

You also use on the contrary when you have said that something is not the case, and you are going to say that the opposite is true. The lesson below shows many useful phrases that you can use to express your opinions with ESL image. On the contrary, multiple studies have shown that people with SCT are able to tolerate moderate exercise and show no clear differences in metabolic breakdown products, oxygen exchange or cardiopulmonary function. On the contrary, Boeing stock has increased by 12%, 10%, and 4% over the twenty one-day, ten-day, and five-day period respectively.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should always trade against the majority. In fact, I can’t say it too often, most of the time you will want to trade with the trend, which by definition will be with most traders. The sentiment of traders is what you must watch for, and be prepared to disagree with. One of the more subtle reasons why the contrary opinion theory works is the fact that the crowd is rarely able to anticipate a change in trend until long after the inflection point. The sentiment of newsletter writers, whether bullish or bearish, does not forecast future returns, but past returns and the volatility of those returns do affect sentiment. High returns over four-week periods are associated with a migration of newsletter writers from the bearish camp into the bullish camp. High returns over periods of 26 and 52 weeks are associated with “nervous bullishness” – a migration of newsletter writers from the bearish camp into both the bullish and the correction camps.

  • Examines in-depth the workings of the futures markets and how market sentiment affects those markets.
  • Our results are robust by using the data from China’s Thermal Coal Futures.
  • The sentiment of traders is what you must watch for, and be prepared to disagree with.
  • Even if the extremes are reached, it’s probably wise to wait until a break in the trend before trading against it.
  • The timing of contrary opinion is most often inexact but the consequences of mean reversion are not.
  • While this may well prove ephemeral, it has boosted investor confidence about the quantum and timing of future inflows.

Jim was far more than a money manager, he was kindhearted and selfless, and had a deep respect for the wisdom of the ages, particularly works that were published long ago and often forgotten. Jim was the best kind of contrarian; wary of the consensus opinion and eager to follow a logical trail to a less populated place. Infotech Enterprises and Persistent Systems are well established companies with a strong competitive position and diverse customer-base in their chosen domain, robust balance sheet and visibly accelerating earnings growth. Each of them has had a few hiccups post 2008 but management has demonstrated its ability to cope with adversity and re-build for the future. Valuations are at a significant discount to their larger peers, and notably, considerably cheaper than companies of a similar size with a positive earnings outlook.

Idioms About Contrary

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The theory of contrary opinion predicts price reversals following extremes in market sentiment. This research tests a survey-based sentiment index’s usefulness as a contrary indicator across 28 U.S. futures markets. Using rigorous time-series tests, the sentiment index displays only a sporadic and marginal ability to predict returns, and in those instances the pattern is one of return continuation–not reversals. Therefore, futures traders who rely solely upon sentiment indices as contrary indicators may be misguided. This research specifically reveals the predictability for the volatility on energy futures markets when involving investor sentiment, using the newly launched China’s INE crude oil futures as an incremental evidence. First, we propose a novel investor sentiment index captures the feature of instant sentiment conversion and the internet attention for energy futures markets.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The headlines ignored contrary evidence, and presented ‘facts’ boldly, singularly and uniformly. Nevertheless, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, this principle seems a logical one. I am assuming, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the three-voice version precedes the four-voice version. I was worried that it might be too hard for me but it turned out the contrary was true. Discover the hottest stocks, investing tips and analysis from Cabot analysts in our free Cabot Wealth Daily newsletter delivered right to your inbox. Well, here’s a chart of a stock that broke out to new highs last Thursday, just a week after the market’s big interest-rate-hike-fear selloff.

It’s really a psychological concept, removed from the numerical constraints of fundamental and technical analysis. This legal analysis is persuasive, unlike a contrary 2013 opinion from the Sixth Circuit. The current consensus is distinctly tilted towards the re-emergence of a new bull market. Given the finance minister’s emphasis on pushing ahead with economic reform and getting the fiscal deficit under control, market mavens are convinced inflation will turn benign and interest rates will head south. Led by a reinvigorated second term president, the US is unlikely to succumb to the worst perils of the fiscal cliff and both growth and employment are on the mend. Parameter sensitivity is explored by altering the definition of extreme sentiment. She didn’t mind the nation providing the financial expenses for training, coaches, food and housing, transportation, etc., because she was an self-“entitled” athlete.