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A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

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“Relevant,” “timely,” and “easy-pickings” are the best three words that describe Beech’s A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance. Joey Beech gives her side of managing finances by sharing her personal stories that enable readers to connect. The rudiments of money management complemented by practical insights make this reading enjoyable and meaningful. 

What makes this book more interesting to read is the way Beech is able to give clear examples and everyday situations to emphasize finance management strategies. Her light takes on presenting life-changing money habits that make this reading appealing to many readers. 

Learn while having fun by getting a copy of girls’ ultimate guide for money matters.

About the Author

Nanette Joey Beech studied at the University of Minnesota with a business education degree and has been in the financial service for 25 years. 

Table of Contents

The book has twenty-two chapters divided into four sections. The contents include:


Section 1: Money Isn’t everything

Chapter 1: Why Money Matters

Chapter 2: What Money Is and What It Isn’t 

Chapter 3: The Math is Simple!

Section 2: Keeping What You Earn

Chapter 4: Pay Yourself First

Chapter 5: Understanding Your Paycheck

Chapter 6: Credit – Know the Score

Chapter 7: Where to Keep Your Money

Chapter 8: Budget to Know Where You Are

Chapter 9: Shop Smart

Chapter 10: Asset versus Liabilities

Chapter 11: Big Buys

Chapter 12: Dealing with Debt

Chapter 13: Insure for a Good Night’s Sleep

Section 3: Make Your Money Grow

Chapter 14: The Magic of Saving and Investing

Chapter 15: Understand Your Retirement Accounts

Chapter 16: Investing Terms You Need To Know

Chapter 17: How Much Is Enough?

Chapter 18: Don’t Let Fear Sidetrack You

Chapter 19: What’s It To You

Section 4: Tidbits and Resources

Chapter 20: Time is Money, Spend it Wisely

Chapter 21: Wisdom of Ages

Chapter 22: Tools and Resources



About the Author