A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (Twelfth Edition) by Burton Malkiel


Investors flocking the financial markets through brokerage firms must be armed with powerful material before surging the markets through different brokerage firms on the internet. This is where Burton Malkiel’s masterpiece becomes increasingly more significant. Hedge-fund managers are starting to lord it over the markets, dispatching average, low-key investors with little knowledge about maximizing their investments. 

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is a compendium of strategies for investors to improve their investment portfolio as it presents research-based concepts about investing. 

Malkiel shares his expertise in investing as he has a deep well of experience as an economist, investor, and financial adviser. 

In this newest edition, Malkiel adds an all-important chapter in which he divulges his insights about the rise of crypto coins capped by Bitcoin and other significant developments in the investing industry, including tax-loss harvesting. 

This book will also help its readers develop their analytical view of investing.                                                                           It includes a step-by-step process investors need to protect and expand their wealth through smart investing.

About the Author

Burton G. Malkiel is currently teaching at Princeton University as Chemical Bank Chairman’s Professor of Economics. He is an established writer as he has written several books about financing, which include Naked Economics, From Wall Street to the Great Wall, The Random Walk Guide to Investing, and his well-known A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

Table of Contents

The book covers four parts with the following sequence:

Part I Stocks and Their Value

  1. Firm Foundations and Castles in the Air
  2. The Madness of Crowds
  3. Speculative Bubbles from the Sixties into the Nineties
  4. The Explosive Bubbles of the Early 2000s

Part II How the Pros Play the Biggest Game in Town

  1. Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis and the Random-Walk Theory
  3. How Good is Fundamental Analysis? The Efficient-Market Hypothesis

Part III The New Investment Technology

  1. A New Walking Shoe: Modern Portfolio Theory
  2. Reaping Reward By Increasing Risk
  3. Behavioral Finance
  4. New Methods of Portfolio Construction: Smart BETA and Risk Parity

Part IV A Practical Guide For Random Walkers and Other Investors

  1. A Fitness Manual for Random Walkers and other Investors
  2. Handicapping the Financial Race: A Primer in Understanding and Projecting Returns from Stocks and Bonds
  3. A Life-Cycle Guide to Investing
  4. Three Giant Steps Down Wall Street