Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

Review Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Investor’s Road Trip



After the successful debut of Investment Biker, Jim Rogers went another distance and released Adventure Capitalist, a must-have book that carries out an ideology that the most viable method to profit in a global context is to go miles further and go for a global adventure. According to the author, he prefers conversation and deep talks with the most interesting persons than sit next to a diplomat or a foreign minister. This remained as his guiding principle, which the Adventure Capitalist drew inspiration from.

Generally, this is a narration of Rogers and his fiancée’s experiences while traveling to over 116 countries, culture to culture, meeting different people, discovering diverse races, and of course, trying out exotic food. Riding only a yellow Mercedes convertible, the couple delved deeper into nations less explored, including those remote areas of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, East Timor, Myanmar, and Colombia. What made this journey interesting is that they drove through unique places such as jungles, blizzards, and war zones. All of which bore them a close call for escape.

After all the people they talked to, cultures they discovered, and the food they ate, much summed up to one realization: face-to-face and personal encounter provide a panoramic view of the world. It allows one to have a bird’s eye view experience and understanding of the world through economic, political, and social lenses.

More than this realization, the author also drew from experiences to arrive at conclusions:

  • A new commodity bullish market began
  • This era is operated mainly by China
  • A women-based crisis is starting in the Asian region
  • Pakistan will soon fall apart
  • India will follow the disintegration
  • The Euro will soon fluctuate
  • Angola may become the new melting pot of wealth
  • NGOs are fraudulent organizations
  • Bolivia is a sleeping giant and may soon rise to become the world’s upper power.

About the Author 

JIM ROGERS is the founding associate of the Quantum Fund. He went to Yale University and after graduation enrolled in Balliol College at Oxford. After serving as an army, he started his career on Wall Street. He also has a background in teaching as he previously worked as a Finance Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Table of Contents 


Title Page


PART ONE: 1999

  • Chapter 1: A Yellow Mercedes
  • Chapter 2: Young Turks
  • Chapter 3: The Coming Catastrophe of Central Asia
  • Chapter 4: The Best Capitalists Are in Communist China
  • Chapter 5: A New Asian Crisis: A Shortage of Girls
  • Chapter 6: Digital Mongolia
  • Chapter 7: The Wedding

PART TWO: 2000

  • Chapter 8: Into Africa
  • Chapter 9: My Broker in Ghana
  • Chapter 10: Whirling Dervishes
  • Chapter 11: Arabian Nights


  • Chapter 12: Sixty Million of Us Wash Away Our Sins
  • Chapter 13: The Road from Mandalay
  • Chapter 14: The Playing Detective in La Paz
  • Chapter 15: My Father’s Grave
  • Chapter 16: Home Again

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