Broke Millennial

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together

Review Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together



This book shows a step-by-step instruction on how someone can go from living paycheck to paycheck to financially stable. It not only speaks about the technical aspects of personal finance but also relates to the reader in an honest and direct manner. This book discusses budgeting and dealing with finances for millennials, especially for those struggling with managing it.

The book combines wit and humor in conveying the steps to financial stability to allow the millennial, or even any generational reader, to relate with the hard reality of personal finance management.

How this book differs from other personal finance guides is that it focuses on the mental aspects of money management, especially for broke and struggling young adults who have just landed a job. Managing money does not only take accounting but also a tough mentality as you choose which to prioritize, pay your debt, and potentially maximize earnings.

The reader will be shown how to get rid of damaging financial mindsets and maintain positive thinking on personal finance. This is recommended not only for millennials but for older and younger generations who find themselves stuck in the path of personal money management.

About the Author

ERIN LOWRY is an expert on millennial personal finance and the author of MarketWatch, considered to be one of the best money books of 2017. She has written a few other books and articles on cosmopolitan Magazine, Refinery29, and Fast Company. She tours around universities and conferences where she speaks about personal finance for millennials.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Money Isn’t the Worst! Seriously.

Chapter 2: Is Money a Tinder Date or Marriage Material?

Chapter 3: Do You Have a Gold Star in Personal Finance?

Chapter 4: Dealing with the Dreaded B-Word

Chapter 5: Picking the Right Financial Products (aka The Chapter in Which This Book Pays for Itself)

Chapter 6: Credit Reports and Scores: The Report Card for Life

Chapter 7: Wait, I Shouldn’t Just Pay the Minimum Due on My Credit Card?

Chapter 8: Yikes, I Already Have Consumer Debt. What Now?

Chapter 9: Student Loans: How to Handle Them Without Having a Full-On Panic Attack

Chapter 10: I’ve Got Debt, So Why Should I Care About Saving? (Pay Yourself First)

Chapter 11: I Can’t Afford to Split This Dinner Bill Evenly!

Chapter 12: Getting Financially Naked with Your Partner

Chapter 13: Paying Rent to Your ‘Rents: Overcoming the Emotional and Financial Battles of Living at home After College

Chapter 14: How to Negotiate Salary (or Anything Else) by Learning to Ask for What You Want

Chapter 15: Investing: No, It Isn’t Gambling!

Chapter 16: Retirement: Can It Ever Happen for Me?

Chapter 17: I’m Not Rich Enough to Hire a Financial Planner

Chapter 18: But My Broker Said I Can Afford This Much House

Epilogue: Now That You’re A Financial Badass, Keep It Up!