Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps

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Readers find “Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps” as a work of depth that does not sacrifice accessibility and reach. The book is your compact, go-to guide to all things securities. It is comprehensive and leaves nothing to interpretation.

The language that the book uses is clear; it is straightforward, corresponding with the demands of a highly-technical discipline. And while the material includes Mathematical aspects (which cannot be disregarded), the understanding of the issues on securities is its strict focus. It walks the readers through the issues surrounding derivative securities without drowning its readers with market jargon. The tone invigorates even the most novice of practitioners to engage in the material.

The following topics are discussed at length:

  • How concepts surrounding Derivative Securities should be understood
  • An engaging explanation of the nature of securities, it’s pricing, and how sensitivities are offset
  • Product pricing and valuation
  • Examination of trading strategies and product examples

The book digs deep into pricing and valuation as the author understands that such facets of securities have to be delineated with great care and detail.  Precedence to pricing and valuation gives power to market participants so that they may be able to handle these professionally and hone greater selling potential. Both short-term and long-term market goals are thus cultivated. The book bears clear and balances insights that are essential to every level-headed and driven trader and investor.

All in all, the book “Derivatives Essentials: An Introduction to Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps” is a book worthy of your attention. 

About the Author

Financial markets, derivative securities, and asset management are three areas that Mr. Aron Gottesman can discuss with great detail and esteem. Mr. Gottesman has written over 30 academic articles and books. A handsome number of academic works had also seen his works being cited. Mr. Gottesman presently works at Pace University as a Professor of Finance. Mr. Gottesman has finished his doctorate in Finance, has an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which he all took from York University. On top of all these, he is a CFP® Professional.