Essentials of Health Care Finance

Essentials of Health Care Finance

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The book, “Essentials of Health Care Finance” is a niche-specific material for financial literacy. It expertly focuses on the finance theory and its practical application to the health care sector. The book recognizes that the U.S. health care system is complex and expansive, making just any financial approach seem inadequate. 

The book has been updated to cater to the most relevant data, real-world examples of financial issues, and financial ratio standards. It goes into an in-depth discussion of economics, accounting, and financial topics grounded steadily in the health care industry. 

Readers agree that the book is relevant to language that can easily be understood. It brings to the table the ICD-10 coding and provides comprehensive coverage of the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

About the Authors

A tandem to be reckoned with, William O. Cleverley and James O. Cleverley saw understood that the healthcare industry is something that needs to be accounted for when it comes to financial literacy. William O. Cleverly is the President of Cleverley and Associates. He is also Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. 

James O. Cleverley is held as a Principal at Cleverley and Associates in Columbus, Ohio.

Table of Contents

Here’s what to expect from the book:

  • All chapters are revised so as to reflect present-day financial ratio standards and real-life situations.
  • New topics are brought into the fold such as the ICD-10 coding and the impact of the ACA
  • ACOs, alongside ACO type cost variance analysis, is also discussed
  • A more expansive discussion of specific costing of encounters through charge code level data
  • Capital project analysis in a health care system framework is added into the discussion alongside corporate decision making
  • Also new are examples of hospital acquisition of physician practices