PRTrend Review 2022: Scam or A Legitimate Broker?

PRTrend Review 2022: Scam or A Legitimate Broker?

One of the most high-payed jobs in the financial industry is trading. It requires a unique set of skills and taking risks, and that’s why traders get significant profits. But as mentioned, it’s risky to trade.

Traders can successfully buy and sell stock one day and make a mistake the next day. Traders use technical analysis and trading tools to make sure they invest in the right asset and during the right moment. But how to get these tools and learn how to use them?

One of the best ideas is to use the services of brokers, for example, PRTrend. It’s a company that has created a platform with trading tools and mechanisms to make traders’ life easier.

Keep reading to learn about PRTrend and what opportunities it offers for traders who want to be successful. Find out whether PRTrend is a legit company or a scam and whether it’s your best bet to use PowerTrend.


What is PRTrend?

PRTrend is a brokerage company which has developed a platform with useful trading tools and mechanisms. The company offers full support to beginners and experienced traders. For example, apart from providing helpful and detailed charts, traders can expect counseling of professionals if they are in doubt.

PRTrend also offers several useful platforms for easy access to trading markets. The company has been working in the industry for at least a dozen years, earning respect and trust of traders.

PRTrend has a useful website with detailed information about the platform and the trading industry. The company provides traders with tutorials, useful lessons, webinars, articles, financial news, etc.

The company offers much more than just charts and valuable tools. Some reviews mention that it’s a PRTrend scam, but it seems untrue, and the website provides proper tools and mechanisms for traders.

What does PRTrend Offer?

PRTrend offers several useful plans or accounts depending on the budget a user is ready to spend. The bigger the budget, the more valuable features a trader unlocks. Here are some of the options to choose from offered to traders:

  • Minimum investment. It requires investing $500, and a trader unlocks basic features like charts, instruments, technical analysis tools.
  • Standard account. This is a decent option that unlocks access to more opportunities, for example, online chat support, more detailed statistics, reports, etc. To start using this type of account, a trader must invest $5.000.
  • Gold account. This type of account requires spending at least $10.000. Unlocking this option guarantees access to all of the previously mentioned options, plus a few more advantages. The benefits include any chosen platform with tools and mechanisms for successful trading, special promotions, VIP manager, etc.
  • Platinum account. It’s the most advanced account available on PRTrend. This type of account unlocks all previously mentioned benefits and guarantees detailed personal market reports with recommendations. The account also guarantees help with trading. Traders are to pay $35.000 or more to use a Platinum account.

Traders can find more information about accounts on the PRTrend official site. Unlocking any of the mentioned accounts means that the trader can start using platforms available on PRTrend such as xCritical, MetaTrader 4 & 5, mobile platforms. Read further to learn more about trading platforms.

PRTrend Trading Platforms

One of the biggest advantages of PRTrend is the availability of useful platforms. Here are some of the platforms clients may use:

  • xCritical. This trading software offers more than 200 financial tools, tracks clients’ income and losses, and offers useful risk management tools.
  • MetaTrader 4. By using MetaTrader 4, clients benefit from automated trading (trading robots), financial tools, technical analysis mechanisms, etc.
  • MetaTrader 5. This platform offers one of the best tools for beginners — copy trade. Thanks to copy trade, beginners can copy the successful strategies of other traders. It’s also possible to build a profile by using available mechanisms.

Every platform has a unique set of tools to use when trading. To use these platforms, a trader can use a PC, tablet, or even a phone. All three mentioned platforms are available on the Play Market and the Apple Store.

What are the PRTrend Reviews?

The PRTrend reviews are mixed. It’s common for similar trading platforms to get positive reviews alongside negative ones. As for positive reviews, users mention the following:

  • Useful and highly comprehensive charts. By investing in any of the available accounts, users get access to detailed charts based on market information. Users mention it’s rather easy to make a successful decision based on these charts.
  • Robust trading platforms. Using such platforms enables users to maximize profit from trading. For example, xCritical has multiple convenient tools and even risk management properties.
  • Amazing educational materials. Traders can learn more about efficient trading strategies and techniques to get bigger revenue. The company organizes webinars regularly and supplies traders with articles, tutorials, detailed instructions, etc. Users praise the educational side of the platform.
  • Guidance and counseling. Owners of Standard, Gold, Platinum accounts can get advice on their decisions. However, some reviews mention that the company could improve this function and make it more advanced.

As shown, some of the PRTrend reviews are positive. It seems that the platform caters to the interests of traders who want to have all instruments in one. Charts, technical analysis tools, educational materials, and even some risk management tools are all in one product offered by PRTrend.

But traders still encounter negative reviews claiming there are PRTrend scammers. So, why is the platform so advanced and useful for traders but has negative reviews? Read further to learn more.

Why does the PRTrend Platform have Negative Reviews?

Some people call it a PRTrend cheating platform. But is it a reasonable accusation? The platform was launched back in 2013, and it helped thousands of clients to gain profit and learn how to trade. Many traders improved their strategies over several years of using PowerTrend. So, why the negative reviews? Here are some possible reasons why people leave negative reviews about the broker:

  • A requirement to make the first deposit.
  • Difficulty with withdrawing funds.
  • Miscommunication.

Some users leave negative comments about the first deposit. But the reality is that most broker companies require a first deposit to start trading. When solo trading without anyone’s help, traders also have to deposit. These reviews come from inexperience. Usually, clients invest in any of the available accounts and successfully gain profit.

As for the difficulty with withdrawing funds, some clients have encountered such a problem. But eventually, contacting the support team helps fix the issue. Some people claim they resolved the issue by trying to withdraw a smaller amount first, and then they could withdraw more.

Another problem is miscommunication. In some cases, support doesn’t respond immediately. One of the reasons support can’t respond immediately is that many requests happen all at once. But usually, clients get answers to their questions, and the team resolves all the issues.

Is Prtrend a Scam or a Legit Trading Platform?

Now it’s clear why people leave negative reviews. But still, many potential clients want to understand whether the platform is a scam or a legitimate platform.

PRTrend is a broker company that provides traders with a technical environment so that clients make proper decisions. PRTrend is interested in the success of its clients since it’s beneficial for both parties. Whenever clients profit, the brokerage company gets a certain percentage from that profit.

PRTrend is a legitimate brokerage company with all the certificates that anyone can check on the official website. The website has operated since 2013 and has never had any legal issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PRTrend

Any brokerage company has advantages and disadvantages, and PRTrend is not an exception. The company offers a vast range of functions and tools, making it easier to trade on any chosen market successfully. Let’s start with the advantages of the brokerage company:

  • Has accounts for every budget. Depending on the chosen account, a client unlocks useful functions to trade and gain profit efficiently.
  • Convenient trading platforms. Upon choosing an account, clients can use one or several available platforms. These platforms have trading tools, such as indicators and indexes, risk management tools, etc.
  • Educational materials. Clients can find easy-to-understand tutorials and articles about trading. Moreover, the company understands that the industry keeps changing, so PRTrend offers subscribing to webinars to keep up with new trends and strategies.
  • Analytical tools. The website has useful analytical tools with detailed information about markets. Analytical tools show comparative data on asset prices at different periods, and they enable users to generate reports, etc.
  • Promotions and bonuses. Every user of the platform gets bonuses for using PRTrend. Gold and Platinum account holders can also expect premium bonuses.
  • A demo account. The demo account enables potential clients to trade without spending money for 14 days. The account offers an initial budget so that traders can test their skills and knowledge of the market. Trading occurs in real-time, although users can’t withdraw funds they gain during this period.
  • Offers a chance to create a strategy or copy successful strategies of other traders. It’s common to use a copy trade strategy since it’s successful. But if a trader wants to get better revenue, they may consider using available tools to create unique strategies.

The best way to so sum up the impression about the website is to say that PRTrend offers an all-in-one experience. Instead of looking for efficient indicators and mechanisms, traders have everything in one place. Promotional programs and educational materials give a great boost to start trading.

But the website also has some disadvantages:

  • Negative reviews.
  • A requirement to invest in an account.

Some clients don’t feel comfortable when it comes to investing. But in reality, that’s what trading is about. You successfully invest in an asset, then sell it to get maximum profit. To invest, you need a trading account. PRTrend offers to invest in such an account, plus the company gives access to useful tools.

PRTrend Review 2022: Scam or A Legitimate Broker?

Final Thoughts

Every trading platform, a trading robot, or third-party tool for trading will have positive and negative reviews. PRTrend is not an exception. The platform has negative reviews mainly because of the requirement to make the first deposit — most trading platforms that have such a requirement have negative reviews.

But when trading on Forex, users are also required to make the first deposit, usually at least $2.000. So, it’s a reasonable request. When investing even more in PRTrend, users unlock better opportunities and tools.

PRTrend is a legitimate platform that has thousands of useful trading tools. The brokerage platform has gathered the most useful tools in one place for traders to use. Easy-to-understand charts and robust desktop and mobile platforms make it easier to trade and earn significant revenue successfully. Overall, PRTrend is a high-quality platform for success-driven traders.