MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance

Review MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance



Dubbed as, “One of the best Valuation books of all time” and “One of the Finance books of all time,” John Cousins’ “MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance” is a clear framework for industry professionals, helping them to make sound judgment and decisions regarding how, when, and where they should be investing their hard-earned money.

The book takes its readers to the set of skills needed to run a business smoothly and with a promise of success. But the book isn’t only meant for those handling a business. It is also fit for anyone who needs to get through important financial matters such as buying or leasing, borrowing money, and making huge purchases. The material makes its readers privy to a set of analytical tools that would help them spend and save properly. 

What the book is driving at is financial responsibility and, effectively, scaffolding its readers toward financial freedom through proper budgeting and spending. 

What to Expect

The following are discussed at length:

  • The time value of money
  • Net Present Value and Internal rate of Return
  • Tradeoff Between Risk and Return
  • How to gain confidence in the knowledge in Finance

The language used in “MBA ASAP 10 Minutes to: Understanding Corporate Finance” does not alienate entrepreneurs who are not necessarily financially-oriented. It is clear and concise. The author understands the concepts resulting in a comprehensive discussion that any layman would easily understand.

About the Author

John J. Cousins is an author of numerous books, including: “The Way to Wealth,” “Marketing 2.0”, “Financial Literacy,” and “Learn Accounting Fast!” to name a few. He founded plenty of business skills and knowledge are made available to everyone. Mr. Cousins had been the CEO of Biomoda, a biotech company that aims at combating cancer and a CFO for many public companies.