Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living by Elizabeth Willard Thames

meet the frugalwoods


As a highly acclaimed personal finance blogger, Elizabeth Willard Thames’ ‘Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living’ tells a deeply personal story about the Frugalwoods – a reference to herself, her husband and child – who abandoned their regular, albeit successful nine-to-five careers in the urban city to accept frugality into their lifestyle for a more purposeful and meaningful life. With the ultimate goal of retiring as early as possible in a retreat in Vermont Woods, Elizabeth Willard Thames documents her and family’s unconventional lives as they plan to save a massive amount of money from achieving their goals. ‘Meet the Frugalwoods’ is an intriguing and inspiring story of how a modern-day urban family managed to save enough money to retire and reach financial independence quickly. While the Frugalwoods’ endgame may not be for everyone, the plan they have employed to get there will certainly be of value for anyone willing to lead much more meaningful and simplified lives.

About the Author

Elizabeth Willard Thames worked in the nonprofit sector as a fund-raiser and communications manager before becoming a writer. Today, she is a highly acclaimed personal finance blogger who wrote the award-winning Frugalwoods.com blog. Everything within her work ‘Meet the Frugalwoods’ acts as a documentary as she and her husband, Nate, strive to become frugal and ultimately gain financial independence. In the year 2014 and from the age of thirty-two, the married couple’s plan deemed successful as they managed to retire in a sixty-six-acre homestead in Vermont.    

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. College Grad Seeks Meaningful, Gainful Employment, Fails
    2. My Year of Food Stamps and Billionaires
    3. The Tumblers of Adulthood
    4. A Different Kind of Grindstone
    5. That One Time We Bought a House
    6. Our Watershed Coffee Shop Conversation: A Dream is Hatched
    7. Our First Month of Extreme Frugality
    8. Less Makeup, More Confidence
    9. What is Financial Independence Anyway?
    10. Turns out, Frugality is About More than Money. Much More.
    11. Fighting Back Against the Baby-Industrial Complex
    12. The One  Time We Bought a Homestead
    13. Birth: Something That Never Goes According to Plan
    14. The Busiest Four Months of Our Lives
    15. Our Third Way
    16. Smoothing Out the Happiness Curve
  2. Acknowledgements