Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies by Bill Snow


If you are on the business side of things and are planning to merge with another company or acquire an asset or even a whole firm but do not have enough knowledge of how it works and what to consider, Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies is a helpful resource. 

Written in a readable and plain language, this book is an informative guide that will lead you to the complexities of merger implications and impact on your business and career. Buying and selling companies are no easy decisions to make, and technical knowledge about it is imperative for business managers. Discover it all in this book and get more insights as case studies were presented here as well.

About the Author

Bill Snow is an experienced business expert, particularly on mergers and acquisitions. He served in various financial firms as one of the leaders and managers. Apart from writing books, he is an active investment banker and speaks at conferences. He also serves as an advisor to business owners.

Table of Contents

The book covers the following topics:


About This Book 

Conventions Used in This Book

What You’re Not to Read 

Foolish Assumptions 

How This Book Is Organized 

Part 1: Mergers & Acquisitions 

Part 2: Taking the First Steps to Buy or Sell a Company 

Part 3: Starting the Deal on the Right Foot 

Part 4: Firming Up the Deal 

Part 5: Closing the Deal and Beyond!

Part 6: The Part of Tens 

Icons Used in This Book 

Where to Go from Here