Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together by Rachel Richards


Rachel Richards’ “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together” is the perfect beginner’s an inside look on how to properly manage one’s finances. Being well-written with a touch of humor on an otherwise dreaded subject of personal finance, “Money Honey” provides invaluable knowledge and life advice on how to maintain income and generate more. “Money Honey” also details author Rachel Richards’ seven steps that simplify financing for a more convenient and streamlined money management process. 

 About the Author

Rachel Richards is a businesswoman, investor, financial advisor, and author of several books. She is mostly known for her book “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide,” which has helped numerous people get by with their finances. After being raised in a budget-strict household, Rachel learned at an early age the importance of money management. She majored in financial Economics at a private liberal arts school named Centre College, where she graduated after three years with no debt. Later, she would move on to become a financial advisor and manager for real estate investment firms.

Table of Contents

  • Section One: Introduction
  • 1 – Hello, It’s Me
  • Section Two: Savings
  • 2 – Bada$$ Budgeting
  • 3 – Savings: Anotha Day Anotha Dollar
  • Section Three: Debt
    • 4 – There is No Good Debt, Only Tolerable Debt
    • 5 – Credit Score: a GPA For Your Finances
    • 6 – Student Debt – Fannie Mae, Go Away
    • 7 – Credit Cards – Friend or Foe?
    • 8 – Debt – A Smorgasbord
  • Section Four: Investing
    • 9 – Say Hello to Stocks and Bonds
    • 10 – Mutual Funds, Index Funds, & Which One is Your New Best Friend
    • 11 – Four Golden Rules for Investing
    • 12 – The Art of Investing
    • 13 – How to Make Your First Trade Like a Boss
    • 14 – Retirement – A New Definition
  • Section Five: Taxes & Insurance
    • 15 – Taxes Don’t Have to be Taxing
    • 16 – Don’t Be Stupid, Be Insured
  • Section Six: Strategy
    • 17 – The Money Honey Plan: 7 Simple Steps
    • 18 – The Money Honey Plan in Action
    • 19 – Get Started Now – What to Expect
    • 20 – Dear Rachel Advice Column