NinjaTrader Broker

NinjaTrader Broker

NinjaTrader is an award-winning broker that offers forex, stock, futures, and CFD trading services. For many traders worldwide, it is a popular broker and has been praised for its excellent services.

NinjaTrader Broker

NinjaTrader Security and Licenses

In 2004, NinjaTrader was founded in Chicago, Illinois. Eventually, it established another headquarters in Denver, Colorado. With more than 450 developers, it has a global presence that serves 60,000 customers across the globe. Aside from the ability to automate algorithmic strategies, NinjaTrader offers traders wide access to the markets, including futures and Forex trading.

NinjaTrader is registered as the brand name of NinjaTrader Group LLC, a software development firm that operates NinjaTrader platform-related proprietary technology. NinjaTrader is registered with the National Futures Association, which grants it the right to provide traders with brokerage services within its jurisdiction.

NinjaTrader offers services under the regulatory guidelines established by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), an independent U.S. federal agency that oversees brokers involved in the options and commodity futures markets. In its years of service, this broker has maintained a clean reputation and has been lauded for its high quality services. It is also deemed low-risk and offers competitive fees and terms of trade.

NinjaTrader Review of Services

NinjaTrader has an extensive range of services to offer. Aside from a number of third-party platform services, it provides its own proprietary platform. Its other services venture into market analytics, advanced charting, trade modeling, automated strategy development, backtesting, and optimization.


The proprietary platform of NinjaTrader is an open source framework which works similarly to the MetaTrader4. The primary distinction between the two is that NinjaTrader prioritizes futures day traders, while MT4 is specifically addressed to foreign exchange day traders. Still, NinjaTrader is updated periodically, and the current version is  the eighth edition of the platform. 

The broker  makes sure that only quality trading conditions and services are experienced by customers. Currently, 500 improvements have been made to the NinjaTrader platform, including changes to the graph, improvements to alertign, and upgrades to data and performance to make it an even more enhanced platform. As the industry continues to evolve and grow, so will the platform for NinjaTrader. This means that consumers have to expect developers to continuously expand it for the good of customers in the future. 

Automated Trading

For more accurate, efficient, and convenient trading, NinjaTrader now offers automated trading. Machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly dependent on the industry as they have a consistent and efficient strategy that makes automated trading appealing to busy traders. This automation also improves the chances of the trader making successful, large-volume trades.

Traders have the ability to set up their parameters, and according to the criteria you specified, a bot or an algorithm can enter and exit trades automatically. In contrast with manual executions, this makes trades quicker and more accurate. In addition, when you build it with NinjaScript, NinjaTrader lets you automate your trading strategy. This will let you evaluate and execute automated strategies, process trading signals, buy custom chart indicators from third parties, and create and purchase automated strategies from other traders.


The charting tools of NinjaTrader are comprehensive and provide the best features suitable for different trading types. It also supports easy-to-use, user-friendly and flexible systems. Clear and efficient market visualization, multi-time frame and multi-instrument analyses, over 100 pre-built personalized indicators, and hundreds of optimal third-party indicators are supported by the charting software. As well as trend, news, swing, volume, reversal, volatility, value field, divergence, elliot wave and average daily range indicators, traders also have access to gap indicators.

NinjaTrader Broker

NinjaTrader Conclusion

NinjaTrader is a highly regarded broker that delivers on its NinjaTrader8 platform, a powerful program with market data. Aside from a broad range of research tools and services, this broker also provides an active trading group to share and belong with. Its customization role also enables you to boost the efficiency of your trading and optimize your intraday profits. You will be assured to trade at low margins, fees, and costs when you sign up with NinjaTrader. This broker is highly recommended for all traders.