Optionfield is an international binary options and foreign exchange broker located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It was founded back in 2018 and became popular by offering financial solutions such as foreign exchange, commodities, indices, and contract for difference for trading. 

Optionfield is highly regarded within the industry since it is a first-generation online broker that revolutionizes financial trading.  The platform was developed by global leaders for every type of trader, novice or advanced. More than its intuitive system, impressive customer support, trader-centered instruments, and authoritative educational materials are the factors that made Optionfield one of the best brokers in the financial field. 


This forex broker likes to keep things simple and straightforward. Its account types are no exemption since it lets users pick from three options- the Classic, Pro, and Elite account. These three account types are wired differently to bring traders a more personalized sense of trading structure. Below are their specifications.

  • CLASSIC ACCOUNT– This account is considered an entry-level account which facilitates the needs of newbie traders. It is wired with instruments efficient enough to carry out novice to intermediate trading. Far from starter accounts offered by other forex brokers, this account does not require initial minimum deposit.
  • PRO ACCOUNT- This account type is the most popular among the three and clients can subscribe to this for a minimum deposit of $2,000. This comes with higher payouts, allowing clients to open 10 trades at once while giving charge-free withdrawals once a week. In addition to this, users are given a personal account manager, and a considerate investment per trader of $10. 
  • ELITE ACCOUNT- This type of account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. It has the highest payouts since traders can place 20 trades at once. It is designed with almost everything that the aforementioned account offers, except that it has higher investment of $100 per trade. 

Note that this brokerage firm also offers a Demo account. It is highly recommended that a trader opens a demo account before subscribing to a live account. This will give traders a comprehensive walk-through to Optionfield’s overall functionality. More so, it is a good account to practice trading since it comes with a mock balance of $10,000.

Since centralized brokers usually have hidden charges, it is suggested that clients conduct an intensive background check. There may be some charges that will likely wipe out finances.  This is the reason why a thorough review of the latest terms and conditions is necessary before opening an account with Optionfield. 


METATRADER 4- With its supreme functions, multiple task execution, and unparalleled performance, clients are provided with industry-level system. Moreover, it allows a comprehensive and relatively organized method of trading since multiple time-frame options, chart types, and unlimited indicators are available. 

WEBTRADER– It maximized its option by providing WebTrader as its additional platform. With this system, clients are brought to a more efficient trading since orders can be placed on browser. It also has the same set of instruments that MT4 offers, only that WebTrader allows the synchronization of trading history across all platforms. 

MOBILE APPLICATION- This is convenient since trading can be executed through smartphones. It is also compatible with various operating systems including Android and iOS. With Optionfield’s FXGO, charting and illustrations are in the palm of your hands. In addition to this, account history and orders can be easily managed. 


The platform’s commendable service has gained various recognitions and awards. To mention, it managed to bag the “Rising Star” award and the “Great User Experience” awards at the Finance Online Awards of 2018. These two awards were given to foreign exchange brokers who had shown great and laudable service for its clients. This indicates that Optionfield satisfied the needs of the traders and met criteria in order to be called a legitimate and reliable broker. 

Optionfield’s services are available globally. However, subscription to Optionfield is conditional since one’s availability is heavily reliant on which country he or she resides. As there are existing financial regulations for every country, not everyone are given the opportunity to open an account with this broker. Only those from countries with unrestricted policies are given the chance to subscribe to OptionField. 


OptionField’s official website has a wide array of educational materials for trading. This includes trading blogs, webinars, frequently asked questions section, and a trading academy.  If this indicates any, this only means that this broker aims to deliver a superb trading experience for traders. It prioritizes its clients by providing the most favorable trading conditions all while enforcing them to expand their margin of profitability. These things make Optionfield the best choice.