Pit Bull

Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Trader

Review Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Trader



In the world of Martin Schwartz, he was known to some as “Buddy,” but to many, he was “Pit Bull” of Wall Street. This book follows the narrative of how Schwartz conquered Wall Street and was ranked to be the best among the best by using his instinct and guts in trading. He details how he reached the top, the techniques and strategies, and the people he met and the places he went to.

This book is light and easy to read, as it is more than an investment book, but also the story of Martin Schwartz. The book shows Schwartz’s expertise in choosing his strategies and techniques in investing and shares this with his readers. 

The book follows Schwartz’s trading decisions, as well as his psychology, or how he reacts to every market movement. Some of the most important teachings Schwartz imparts on this book are: (1) to widen the range of your investment, i.e., do not invest in only one set of stocks, (2) protect your assets more than your desire for profit, (3) never trade anything that lasts for more than one day, (4) backtest your strategy before actually applying it into your trades, and (5) the most important aspect of trading is hard work. 

Schwartz’s book mainly focuses on the part of trading advice rather than simple lessons on the stock market or how to beat it. It tells the story of a man that beat the best in Wall Street and is now sharing his success.

About the Author

MARTIN “BUZZY” SCHWARTZ is a renowned Wall Street trader who earned his fortune through trading futures, options, and stocks. He is the winner of the 1984 US Investing Championship. He has authored a number of finance books and received his MBA from Columbia University.

Table of Contents


  1. Trade or Fade
  2. The Plan
  3. Paradise Island
  4. The Great Pyramid
  5. Auric Schwartz
  6. Made to Trade
  7. Never Short a Republican
  8. Champion Trader
  9. Little Brown Bags
  10. Lots 204 and 207
  11. Going for the Gold II
  12. Commodities Corp
  13. Sabrina Partners
  14. How’s My Money Doing?
  15. Down the Tubes
  16. Night Fighing
  17. The Best Trade

The Pit Bull’s Guide to Successful Trading