Security Analysis

Security Analysis was first published in 1934. This book had five editions that sold millions of copies worldwide, making it one of the most well-known financial books in history. This book has provided financial investors of different ages, valuable insights, and techniques in investing. 

The book remains relevant to the present time as it presents timeless philosophical ideas about investing. Now on its sixth edition, Security Analysis features additional commentary compendium from some of the top money managers of Wall Street. 


The classic book is now transformed into a 21st-century must-read material as leading financial gurus provide an additional boost to the already influential and well-written book. Its impact on the financial industry is reflected by its empowered readers who developed their passion and wisdom in investing.

Graham and Dodd’s masterpiece was upgraded through its sixth volume by the following investing influencers:

  • Seth Klarman: The Baupost Group president
  • James Grant: Grant’s Interest Rate Observer founder
  • Bruce Berkowitz: Fairholme Capital Management founder
  • Roger Lowenstein: Buffet: The Making of An American Capitalist author

Warren Buffett also contributed to the newest edition of the book by writing its foreword.

About the Author/s

Benjamin Graham, together with David Dodd, wrote the bestselling book about investing. Benjamin Graham was regarded as the “Father of Value Investing,” as he has introduced an investment approach in the academe (at Columbia Business School in 1928). David Dodd improved Graham’s approach by producing several editions of the book. Graham was followed by many investing enthusiasts, including Warren Buffett. 

Table of Contents

Aside from the Graham and Dodd chapters, some of the notable contents of the sixth installment of the classic book include:

  • Foreword (Warren Buffett)
  • Introduction to Part I: The Essential Lessons by Roger Lowenstein
  • Part I: Survey and Approach
  • Introduction to Part II: Unshackling Bonds by Howard Marks
  • Part II: Fixed-Value Investments
  • Introduction to Part III: Blood and Judgment by Ezra Merkin
  • Part III: Senior Securities With Speculative Features
  • Introduction to Part IV: Go With The Flow by Bruce Berkowitz
  • Part IV: Theory of Common-Stock Investment
  • Introduction to Part V: The Quest for Rational Investing by Glenn Greenberg
  • Part V: Analysis of the Income Account
  • Introduction to Part VI: Deconstructing the Balance Sheet by Bruce Greenwald
  • Part VI: Balance-Sheet Analysis
  • Introduction to Part VII: The Great Illusion of the Stock Market and the Future of Value Investing

By David Abrams

  • Part VII: Additional Aspects of Security Analysis
  • Globetrotting with Graham and Dodd by Thomas Russo
  • Part VIII: Global Value Investing