Simple Money

Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance

Review Simple Money: No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance



Giving us a simple yet practical guide to managing our personal finances is Tim Maurer’s Simple Money. This book will help us understand how money management can be efficiently done by understanding personal finance. In this book, Maurer made finance management a simple activity that will lead us to a good start in handling our financial life. He turned complex financial concepts into understandable chunks of knowledge and doable actions. Hence, the book will help us

  • Discover our goals and values to make better financial decisions
  • Create an intelligent budget planning
  • Pay debts efficiently
  • Make good financial decisions based on needs 
  • Establish an impressive investment portfolio; and
  • Devise an achievable retirement plan

By reading this Maurer book, readers will arrive at the realization that finance management isn’t as difficult as they thought it was, and managing personal finance is the key to achieving a secure financial future.

About the Author

Tim Maurer is a multi-faceted person being a speaker, blogger, financial adviser, and writer. He is the director of personal finance for the BAM Alliance, which caters to more than 140 financial advisory firms in the United States. He is also a regular contributor to CNBC, Time,, and on his own website, He co-authored the book The Ultimate Financial Plan with Jim Stovall. 

Table of Contents

Tim Maurer’s Simple Money contains the following chapters and contents: 

Part 1: Planning For Life

  1. Enough: Redeeming Wealth
  2. Values: Three Questions to Guide You
  3. Riding the Elephant: Unconventional Goal Setting
  4. Calling: Finding Life-Giving Work
  5. Time: Investing Your Most Precious Commodity’

Part 2: Planning for Today

  1. Perspective: Where Do You Stand?
  2. Essentials: Straight Talk on Savings and Debt
  3. Financial Statements: Introducing Your New CFO

Part 3: Planning for the Inevitable

  1. Investing: A Simple Portfolio That’s Beaten the Pros
  2. Education: Getting Schooled
  3. Retirement: The Wobbly Three-Legged Stool
  4. Financial Independence: The New Retirement
  5. Estate and Legacy: Cheating Death

Part 4: 

  1. Insurance: WARNING!
  2. Life: Harder Than It Needs to Be
  3. Disability Income: Protecting Your Largest Asset
  4. Long-Term Care: When I’m Sixty-Four
  5. Home and Auto: Don’t Overpay to be Underinsured

Part 5: Planning for Action

  1. The Top 10: Your Next Dollar’s Home
  2. Behavior Management: Working with an Advisor
  3. Simplicity: The One-Page Financial Plan