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Stan Weinstein’s Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets

Review Stan Weinstein’s Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets



In this personal account, Stan Weinstein revealed his ways and viable methodologies for timing investments that led him to acquire desirable and mounting profits. With practically-proven formulas and techniques, the author emphasized financial concepts in a general overview approach, all while transitioning to the meticulous discussion.

Regardless of the persisting market trend, the author made it possible to develop lasting and optimum techniques with respect to four stages that assets commonly pass through. His unique narrative is very specific in a way that it clearly highlights the current phase that stocks are in a while, identifying the next movement it will tread. 

Though it sounds very complex, the author guarantees a simple and effective formula and computation that are very much applicable in any modern trading software. This book is flexible enough to encompass other surrounding areas of stock picking, even though this was written specifically to discuss the subject matter. In accordance with the major framework of the book, economic, social, and political trends conform to the complex yet simple 4 stage fundamental patterns that this book highlights. 

Synthesizing the undertone of this book, the following themes can be gleaned:

  • Stan Weinstein’s personal principles and philosophies on investment 
  • The most viable time to purchase 
  • Smart assessment of the buying process
  • An ideal time to sell
  • Selling short
  • Utilization of the most conducive and favorable long-term indicators in order to determine Bull and Bear markets 

About the Author

Stan Weinstein is a seasoned technical analyst and author. He is also the head editor and publisher of “Global Trend Alert,” a company that provides professional and optimum financial advice, services, and solutions for institutional investors. 

Other contributors to this book are several McGraw-Hill authors who are known to have a high level of expertise in the field of writing with a collective goal of raising the lives, careers, and interests of readers across the globe. 

Table of Contents  

CHAPTER 1: It All Starts Here!

CHAPTER 2: One Glance Is Worth a Thousand Earnings Forecasts

CHAPTER 3: The Ideal Time to Buy

CHAPTER 4: Refining the Buying Process

CHAPTER 5: Uncovering Exceptional Winners 

CHAPTER 6: When to Sell

CHAPTER 7: Selling Short: The Less Traveled Road to Profits 

CHAPTER 8: Using the Best Long-Term Indicators to Spot Bull and Bear Markets 

CHAPTER 9: Odds, Ends, and Profits

CHAPTER 10: Putting It All together