Stock Market Crashes


The piece de resistance of the body of work of research in the field of Stock Market investment, the book, “Stock Market Crashes: Predictable and Unpredictable and What to Do about Them,” is something that a budding investor cannot afford to miss. 

The material delves into the reasons behind and times that the Stock Market had crashed. The discussions that one will find here are exhaustive and unabashed in being technical. It goes to lengths to expound what a “bubble” is in the context of the Stock Market study. 

A bubble, as the book effectively flays it, is defined as an instance that sees prices rise just because they do as they go beyond the fundamental values. The book focuses on the reality that a bubble may be seen through a huge jump in prices that is to be followed by a sudden plunge. The book looks into a bubble’s existence, how its appearance can be foreseen, and what exit strategies can be taken in the event that an investor encounters them. 

Furthering the book’s reach, the authors also outlined the bubbles that had appeared across history, narrowing it within the last one hundred years.

The book lays down the 4 models that would successfully dodge potentially damaging stock market declines. Wholly reliable and keen, the authors give sound advice on what steps should be taken should a crash occur. 

About the Authors

The book was written by Stock Market and financial analysts and experts, Dr. William T. Ziemba, Mikhail Zhitlukhin, and Sebastien Lleo. 

Dr. William T. Ziemba is an experienced researcher in the field of finance. He had taught Financial Modeling and Stochastic Optimization. He is also a Professor Emeritus in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

Tenured in the investment industry, Dr. Sébastien Lleo is an Associate Professor of Finance and Director of the Doctoral Program at NEOMA Business School in France. He is also the Lead Researcher of the “Risk Perform” project by the Région Champagne Ardennes and European Union. These are to mention a few of his credentials.  

Mikhail Zhitlukhin is a researcher at the Steklov Mathematical Institute and a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, two institutions both located in Moscow, Russia. He had finished his Doctorate from the Stekhov Institute and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. 

A Force in the Stock Market Analysis Literature

With what has been overviewed and the minds that bore it, the book “Stock Market Crashes: Predictable and Unpredictable and What to Do about Them” is a must-have for every Stock Market investor’s library. It is a shining light to investors so that they may do right by their investing ventures to give esteem to the industry. 

The language may prove challenging to those who are new to the discipline, but through immersion, this book will definitely be one’s guide to effective decision-making when faced with hurdles in the Stock Market.