Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain

Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology

Review Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology: The Case of Reverse Securitisation



What the heck is this book about? Blockchain? Blockchain my a$$

“Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology” delves into the workings of the innovative Blockchain Technology (BCT) and its utilization for Supply Chain Finance programs. As BCT continues to change the perception of how values and information exchanges take place across the internet, “Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology” discusses and reveals unique opportunities that can be unlocked with the implementation of Blockchain Technology as well as its principal barriers. Genuinely offering a unique perspective, “Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain Technology” get deep into the subject matter that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way things work in the future.

About the Authors

Erik Hoffman is the Director of Logistics Management and a Senior Lecturer at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. He is also the Head of the Supply Chain Finance-Lab (SCF-Lab), where his research mainly focuses on supply management and intersections of operations management and finance issues. Being a highly-acclaimed writer for several operations management journals, he has also co-written numerous bestselling books such as “Supply Chain Finance Solutions,” “Way Out of the Working Capital Trap,” “Performance Measurement and Incentive Systems in Purchasing,” and “Financing the End-to-End Supply Chain.”

Urs Magus Strewe is an entrepreneur and field expert for implementing business models for banks and financial services with a major focus on technology. He is the Chief Operating Officer of CRX Markets, where he is tasked to build service offerings of the company – an independent marketplace for supply chain financing solutions.

Nicola Bosia has a BA in management from the University of Lausanne (HEC) and an MA for accounting and finance from the University of St. Gallen.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – Why to Pay Attention to Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?
  2. Background I – What is Buyer-Led Supply Chain Finance?
  3. Background II – What is Reverse Securitisation?
  4. Background III – What is Blockchain technology
  5. Concept – Where are the opportunities of Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?
  6. Discussion – How Does the Full Potential of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Finance Look Like?
  7. Conclusion – What Can We Learn from Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Finance?