The Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor

Review The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Need 



Attention, this is the only financial guidebook that one will ever need. Pretty much a powerful claim given that there are already thousands of financial books published. But what sets this aside from other books is its thorough and comprehensive formula. While other financial books are good to discuss plenty of financial and investment tips, The Barefoot Investor made it possible to present necessary lessons in a reader-oriented way. More than its ability to impart knowledge, its action-driven lessons are guaranteed to mobilize readers in attaining their dream investment, all while raking in exponential profits. 

Lessons presented were to administer the method of teaching powerful enough to impart basic knowledge about creating a financial plan and framework. Its approach exudes ease, simple even that one can draft a plan immediately. Ultimately, this book teaches one to manage finances within a short period.  

One will be introduced to different practices that will help you:

  • Save finances in 20 months enough for a six-figure housing deposit
  • Acquire higher income through Trapeze technique
  • Allocate $78,000 to mortgage and reduce years of payment 
  • Find a competent financial manager and advisor 

Collected to serve as a testimony, this book was from accounts of different people who have put investment practices and principles and attained a lasting and positive outcome. 

About the Author 

Scott Pape represents the Barefoot investor. He is an independent investment advisor who renders financial pieces of advice and insights for millions of Australians through various mediums, including newspaper columns, televisions, and radio. Back in 2014, his family’s possessions got wiped out by wildfire, and his book was written to narrate what comes after that.

Table of Contents 

About the Author

Prelude: Living Barefoot

The Alpaca Attitude

Part 1- Plant 

  • Step 1- Schedule a Monthly Barefoot Date night
  • Step 2- Set Up Your Buckets
  • Step 3- Domino Your Debts 

Part 2- Grow 

  • Step 4- Buy Your Home 
  • Step 5- Increase Your Super to 15 Per Cent 
  • Step 6- Boost Your Mojo to Three Months 

Part 3- Harvest

  • Step 7- Get the Banker off Your Bank 
  • Step 8- Nail Your Retirement Number 
  • Step 9- Leave a Legacy 

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