The Business of Venture Capital: Insights from Leading Practitioners on the Art of Raising a Fund, Deal Structuring, Value Creation, and Exit Strategies by MAHENDRA RAMSINGHANI


The Business of Venture Capital is the ultimate guide that offers a meticulous discussion of the venture capital business. This book discusses the field of venture capital without leaving any areas untapped. Its holistic presentation of information enables readers to understand complex information easier, understands terminologies and jargons, and weighs analytical logic with critical evaluation. 

This comprehensively compiles insights and perspectives of advanced practitioners so that readers will:

  • Understand the overall structure, method, and system concerning venture fund and know how to evaluate and determine factors including Limited Partner, fund due-diligence criteria, and fund investment terminologies as discussed in part one. 
  • Gather insights on the investment process, including important matters like investing opportunities, due diligence process, and investment terms presented in part two.
  • Learn and draw inspiration from accounts, testimonies, and insights from world-renowned practitioners in the field of venture capital. 

About the Author

Mahendra Ramsinghani established the Secure Octane, a cybersecurity fund based in the San Francisco bay area. He engaged himself in over fifty pre-seed and seed-stage firms and institutions. His previous work background includes directorship in Venture Capital Initiatives for Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). 

Table of Contents 




PART 1 Raising the Venture Fund

  • Chapter 1- The Basics
  • Chapter 2- Getting In
  • Chapter 3- Building Your Career as a Venture Capitalist 
  • Chapter 4- The Universe of Limited Partners
  • Chapter 5- How Limited Partners Conduct Fund Due Diligence
  • Chapter 6- Defining Your Fund’s Investment Strategy
  • Chapter 7- How Institutional Investors Evaluate Fund Managers
  • Chapter 8- Fund Size and Portfolio Construction
  • Chapter 9- Performance Analysis
  • Chapter 10- Emerging Managers: A Promise of the Future
  • Chapter 11- The Venture Capital Firm, Operations, and Culture
  • Chapter 12- The Fund-Raising Process
  • Chapter 13- Terms of Investment: The Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Chapter 14- The Role of Placement Agents in Fund-Raising

PART 2 Making Investments

  • Chapter 15- Sourcing Investment Opportunities
  • Chapter 16-The Art of Conducting Due Diligence
  • Chapter 17- Management Team Diligence
  • Chapter 18- Diligence beyond Management
  • Chapter 19- Structuring Investment Transactions
  • Chapter 20- Serving on the Board
  • Chapter 21- Board Culture, Composition, Orientation
  • Chapter 22- Board Value Creation and Evaluation
  • Chapter 23- Challenges in the Boardroom
  • Chapter 24- Exit Strategies
  • Chapter 25- Acquisitions: The Primary Path to an Exit 
  • Chapter 26- Initial Public offering
  • Chapter 27- Human Psychology


About the Author

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