The Commitments

The Commitments of Traders Bible

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The Commitments of Traders Bible is a list of daily dosage of reminders for traders regardless of their markets and trading strategies used. In this writing, the usefulness of COT data in predicting market movements and its crucial role in achieving financial success is emphasized. 

About the Author

Stephen Briese has written numerous articles for different industries and has served as a speaker at different trading conferences and forums, particularly on technical analysis talks.

Table of Contents

The book presents the following contents:

Part 1 Introduction

Chapter 1 The COT —Assorted History

Chapter 2 COT Reports —Counting 1, 2, 3 …

Chapter 3 Player Introductions

Chapter 4 Fading Small Speculators And Other Half-Baked Schemes.

Chapter 5 Net Positions

Chapter 6 The COT Index

Chapter 7 COT Movement Index

Chapter 8 View From The Gallery

Chapter 9 View From The Pits

Chapter 1. Chart Pattern Validation

Chapter 11 Getting Technical

Part Two Breaking Down The COT Report

Chapter 12 Crossing Currencies

Chapter 13 Taking Stock

Chapter 14 Test Of Metal

Chapter 15 Oil’s Slick

Chapter 16 Interest In Rates

Chapter 17 Bean Counting

Chapter 18 Moonlighting

Chapter 19 Cedeless Oranges

Chapter 20 Now You CIT, Now You Don’t