The Complete TurtleTrader

The Complete TurtleTrader

Review The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires



This book tells the story of the Turtles or the trading students that were taught by Richard Dennis about investing. More than that, these Turtles were taught a specific investing style and philosophy that Richard Dennis formulated. 

Dennis believed that anyone could be taught investing and so he conducted an experiment where he taught a few students without prior knowledge to investing, some basic rules to follow, and were then set out to trade on themselves. The experiment proved to be successful, and Dennis, alongside his Turtles, made a fortune out of it. 

The book follows the narrative of the Turtles and how they conquered the market after learning from Richard Dennis. However, much of the book delves into the Turtles themselves and not exactly about investing and trading. It actually follows their story, and not much is discussed about the experiment itself, the rules, trading information and strategies, and such. 

It is more like a narrative or a story than a guide. The part in which the reader is taught how to trade was basically covered in a few chapters, while the rest was a narrative. The book was too focused on the Turtles themselves, and not the experiment or the investing.

About the Author

MICHAEL W. COVEL is an author and entrepreneur. He co-founded and serves as managing editor of, a news and commentary resource that focuses on the topics of trading. He authored Trend Following, which became the basis for the investment style.

Table of Contents



1 Nurture versus Nature

2 Prince of the Pit

3 The Turtles

4 The Philosophy

5 The Rules

6 In the Womb

7 Who Got What to Trade

8 Game Over

9 Out on Their Own

10 Dennis Comes Back to the Game

11 Seizing Opportunity

12 Failure Is a Choice

13 Second-Generation Turtles

14 Model Greatness


Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

Appendix IV