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The Money Queen’s Guide

Review The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear 



Every woman has unique ways on how to handle finances and money. The majority of women are in an immediate pursuit to gain financial security to provide for the family. Much, dreams about a comfortable retirement, financial freedom from another half, and satisfying materialistic interests such as dresses and bags often get in the way of attaining financial stability. As these forces drove most, one may overlook the consequences and repercussions that these things may bring in the coming days- completely denting the future.

The Money Queen’s Guide was written for women by a woman who wishes to avoid financial regrets.  With the intention of leading young women to get through decades wisely, this financial guidebook renders insights of how to smartly and properly manage finances, all with great respect for the future.

Throughout the book, the author consistently shares common mistakes that most women make when it comes to money, all while providing solutions to negate it. More than financial lessons that this book offers, what’s interesting about this is how the author integrated personal narrative and real-life settings for women to easily grasp underlying financial themes. Through this approach, women may easily bridge these lessons to practical settings without having to dread with financial failures.

About the Author

Cary Carbonaro is the woman behind the critically-acclaimed The Money Queen’s Guide. She occasionally appears on television as part of Fox channel and the series, Friends. In line with this, she graced several talk shows, including “The Today Show” and forum in Fox News, PBS, and Good Morning Orlando.  Some of her books made it to Top 10 Books To Make You Rich.

Carbonaro has a master’s degree in finance and a license on Financial Planning, all from her 25 years of experience in the field. Back in 2014, she became the ambassadress of the CFP organization. In addition, her name made it to popular journals, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Cosmopolitan, Money Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, CNBC, AARP, Newsday, Teen Vogue, Bankrate, and several others.

Her woman-centered practices led her to be the chief of Long Island chapter of Ellevate, a female-oriented networking company, and she also became the head of the South Lake Community Foundation, which renders community supports and solutions.

Table of Contents 

Dear Reader

  • Chapter 1- Are You a Material Girl?
  • Chapter 2- The Five Keys to Financial Planning
  • Chapter 3- Fail to Plan: Plan to Fail
  • Chapter 4- Your Best Financial Life
  • Chapter 5- Your Roaring 20’s: The Journey Begins
  • Chapter 7- Your Thrifty 30’s: Becoming Established
  • Chapter 7- Your Fantastic 40’s What’s Next?
  • Chapter 8- Your Fabulous 50’s: Avoiding the Landmines
  • Chapter 9-Your Smooth 60’s (and Beyond): A Time to Celebrate