There’s a Secret World of Investing Controlled by Angel Investors and Venture Capita by JOSEPH HOGUE


For the past 80 years, the wealthy and prosperous has been keeping a single investment secret that has them raking in profit. This secret actually accounts for plenty of their returns, which exceeds their earnings from stocks.

In 2016, this secret came into fruition, negating the industry belief that laymen won’t be able to make high risk and high return investments work. How? Through investment in startup companies! But the question remains: what is the secret exactly? Well, it had been found out that investing in startups led to 27% of returns for investors who actually have money—this is four times the usual average of 7.4% annual returns derived from stocks taken from the decade-spanning of up until 2013. 

These investments were made to alternative channels such as venture capital and startups, the latter being the second largest investment. 

This is what the book, “There’s a Secret World of Investing Controlled by Angel Investors and Venture Capital,” delves in at length. The material had received a wave of positive reviews that had dived into how the author, Joseph Hogue, effectively discussed crowdfunding, how financials are supposed to be analyzed, and how risks should be kept at bay. 

The material is intellectually honest and does not compromise the technical for the sake of easy “understanding.” Hogue recognizes the need to tell things like they are without driving away from the uninitiated as he understands that if he gives in to mediocrity, investments based on his literature will turnout half-baked, or worse, a complete and utter failure. 

Table of Contents

Below is the book’s Table of Contents:

  1. What is Equity Crowdfunding Investing?
  2. Crowdfunding Investing Risks and Returns
  3. Understanding the Funding Cycle n Crowdfunding Investing
  4. 5 Types of Crowdfunding Deals and Investment
  5. Analyzing Crowdfunding Deals
  6. After the Investment – Managing Your Money
  7. Exit Strategies – How Investors make Money
  8. A Strategic Investing Strategy  to Minimize Risks and Maximize Returns
  9. Pinterest: A Case Study
  10. Is Crowdfunding Investing Still For You?
  11. A Special Report
  12. Crowdfunding Investor Resources
  13. Get the Best Pre-IPO Opportunities Now 

About the Author

Joseph Hogue started in an unlikely path. He chose to be a freelancer first rather than diving into financial analysis head-on. His humble beginnings from home soon led to a full-blown career that he has full control of.

Hogue hails from Iowa, graduating from the University of Iowa after his post in the Marine Corps. He went on to become a real estate agent before settling for investment analysis.