Tokenexus Review

Tokenexus Review

This Tokenexus review is a result of months of testing and observation to come up with an exhaustive and pointed assessment of the firm, thus determining if it is a viable entity to do crypto trading with.

The review team had made lengths to check the functionality of Tokenexus’ website and its many facets. The team had also looked into the various review sites and forum for possible posts on Tokenexus customer reviews that would help in evaluating the pros and cons of enlisting with this firm.

On the onset, Tokenexus had received a number of positive reviews from the online community, owing primarily to speed in processing of transactions. However, this does not necessarily answer the question of transparency and legitimacy. These are pertinent points that will be answered in this short Tokenexus review.  

Криптообменник Tokenexus: обзор сервиса и реальные отзывы

Offers and Services

First, it must be established what Tokenexus is exactly. A company that fosters cryptocurrency trading, the firm had created its own trading software that allows for the checking of digital coin prices in real-time, has historical charts and shows crypto market capitalizations.

While known to be a desktop application, Tokenexus also made the platform available through smartphone conducive to both Android and iOS, permitting real-time access to the crypto market at any point in time at the client’s own convenience. 

Tokenexus ups the ante by providing an economic calendar that keeps clients abreast of all crypto-related news and events, making it possible for them to make either buying or selling decisions ahead of time. 

Tokenexus is partnered with major outlets such as ShapeShift that allows it to offer over 20 cryptocurrencies. This partnership also allows for getting the best deals. 


The firm claims to employ top tier security, hence ensuring that the funds of their clients are kept with utmost integrity. But while this is a statement easily thrown around by the firm itself, it is actually more challenging to prove. Fact of the matter is, Tokenexus’ website does not make clear as to what kind of encryption it had employed for fund protection. Sure it does have its own wallet, but then, the integrity of this wallet is still in question as the site is not transparent of its technology, unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin’s systems that have extensive literature explaining their respective functions. What is promised by the Tokenexus crypto wallet on the other hand, is its ease of access to balance history and analytics. The development team even promises that this wallet would be made available through a web version. Of course, this remains to be seen.

Payment Methods 

However, Tokenexus’ partnership with Visa and Mastercard actually caught the review team’s eye. The name of these banking titans, being pulled into the firm’s business strongly suggests trust. This is concluded given that these major entities would be risking their reputations by partnering with a shady company.


Probably one of the aspects that the review team had found promising and reassuring about Tokenexus is its site’s blog section.

Through this segment, the firm’s clients are made aware of various developments in the crypto platform’s technology and niche. The blog function has a myriad of topics such as how to mine cryptocurrenies, best digital coin exchanges, how to invest in the digital coin industry, and the usage of major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, just to mention a few.

This Tokenexus effort speaks volumes of the firm’s concern and regard for its clients. These blogs, while could be edited for further quality, are insightful and informative. It would do good for Tokenexus clients to read up on the material available through the blog service which is updated constantly.

Как пользоваться криптообменником Tokenexus: обзор сервиса

Tokenexus Customer Reviews

Upon search for Tokenexus Customer Reviews across the net, there had only been a handful of client testimonies available for scrutiny. Here are two of these reviews:

5 stars: Excellent

Feb 7, 2020

Excelent to deal with

My favorite site to exchange cryptocurrency!

– Nikolay Kovtun

5 stars: Excellent

Feb 5, 2020

Everything was good!

– Arseniy Voitenko

While these sound well and good, the matters stands that these need to be substantiated by more Tokenexus customer reviews. These are just claims that one can easily write without even having to do actual trading with the company. As this is the case, it is the will of this review team to step up to the cause.

Based on the team’s own examination of the platform, two things can easily be concluded:

1. The Tokenexus platform does well by speed of transaction.

2. The Tokenexus wallet is a good software to keep a trader’s coins.

But while these play into the acceptance of the firm as a reliable crypto exchange, the team has yet to know of the regulatory bodies, (should there be any) that could attest to the the firm’s legitimacy and hence the legality of their operations.  

Tokenexus Scammers

This then brings us into the question of Tokenexus being a scam. To be direct, there is no extant review across the internet community that either affirms the legitimacy or the fraudulence of the firm. As such, the tag “Tokenexus scammers” is something baseless and unfounded.

There is in fact a shortage in assurance of Tokenexus’ validity, but there is also nothing that says it is an outright scam.


The points raised here put Tokenexus in a good light, albeit with expressed reservations from the review team.

To recapitulate, Tokenexus stand by a number of its claims:

1. Fast process for transactions

2. A wide selection of cryptocurrencies

3. A decent ewallet 

4. Informative education segment

However, the following also stand true:

1. Scarcity of actual customer reviews

2. No disclosure of how their technology actually protects its client’s assets

3. Lack regulatory status

With these factors in mind, the reader is left to his or her discretion whether to enlist Tokenexus’ services. From the review team’s standpoint, we can easily say to give the firm a shot. But then, when one’s hard-earned cryptos are at stake, pinning the endeavor on luck may not necessarily be sound advice. As this is the case, due diligence is strongly recommended.