Traders of the New Era

Traders of the New Era

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As the trading world gets more modern, technical indicator tools injected in the trading system to boost traders’ chances of profitable trading, the complication also gets to a higher level resulting in trade loss. Most traders have experienced loss as stakes and risks are higher.

 Traders of the New Era will remind traders with key characteristics of a good trader who is constantly on the winning side of the trading battle. This material is a great addition to traditional and outdated trade books that will give traders fresh ideas and perspectives in trading. Practical tips, insightful ideas, and effective strategies are knit together in this book to guide traders of the new era to succeed in the complex world of trading.

About the Author

Fernando Oliveira is an expert trader who started from earning by playing poker and online casinos for almost a decade. He stepped into the trading world in 2012 and invested in U.S. stocks and futures. He finished Financial Management and now writes books on trading.

Table of Contents

The book is presented according to the following structure



Chapter 1 The Fundamentals of High Frequency Trading

Chapter 2 Gregg Siabicca: The Home Run Swing Trader

Chapter 3 Adam Whiting: The Futures Scalper

Chapter 4 Jim Cash: The Futures and Options Veteran

Chapter 5 Flemming Kozok: The Big Bet Sniper

Chapter 6 Dennis Dick: The base Hit Trader

Chapter 7 Jeffrey Goldman: Market Maker Turned Prop Firm Trader and Manager

Chapter 8 Eric Scott Hunsader: The Market Structure Expert

Chapter 9 Mitch Semon: The Veteran Stock Operator

Chapter 10 Wayne Kulcheski: The Trend Fighter

Chapter 11 Anonymous: The Former Winner

Chapter 12 Anonymous: The Secrecy of the Bot Destroyer

Chapter 13 atticus: The Options Expert

Chapter 14 The Trader ToolBox

Chapter 15 Additional Advice, Resources and Tips 

    The Boost Your Discipline Mini-Course

Chapter 16 The Core Principles of Good Short-Term Trading