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Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth

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The fastest way to dispose of money and to put it all to waste is to follow what the majority of people do. The author had long abolished this kind of habit as he tries to thread a less-traveled path. While in the process, he contemplated what the majority of other people and how they respond to financial information. In conclusion, it occurred to him that it is indolent, more so, illogical. 

Following a simple rule, a moving stock price is most likely to continue moving. And Unholy Grails will teach readers how to utilize this logic to a great extent. The author, Nick Radge, specializes in momentum investing, and using his personal formula and insights, one will be introduced on how to properly ride an uptrend and arm the overall capital during persisting bearish trends. 

This book is revolutionary because it deconstructs and refuses to acknowledge the conventional ways of investing. It bears lasting logic that goes against the principles that every financial advisor, stockbroker, and fund manager apply. Back in 2008, a sharp decline in the capital was experienced by fund managers, and this crisis demanded alternative psychology. In this book, Nick Radge presents the uncommon path: a compendium of practical techniques and strategies that are proven to rake in long-term earnings with very little effort exerted.

This book was published mainly from the author’s intention of providing ways on how to efficiently manage an investment. All insights and discussions were from the author’s financial experiences with a deep focus on the hardships their family went through during the Great Financial Crisis. What prompted him to formulate his strategies is the inability of their financial advisors to come up with a substantial solution, still holding to the obsolete principle of buy and hold. 

About the Author

NICK RADGE has over three decades of experience in trading. Back during his engagement with an investment bank based in Singapore, he experimented on trading strategy testing. After the Great Financial Crisis, he felt the need to create another trading and investing approach, and all of which are presented in his book, The Unholy Grails. Presently, he is the managing director at The Chartist, a stock market solutions firm situated in Queensland, Australia. 

Table of Contents

The book presents the following key points:

• The philosophy behind momentum investing

• How to create a positive expectancy from your strategy

• Eight fully disclosed and robustly tested investment plans

• Proof of concept from 6 years of indicative real-time performance results

• Interviews with investors who use momentum strategies with success

• Essential investment tips and tricks