What is LexaTrade and Can This Broker Be Trusted?

Trading is always a risky deal. The true risks, however, are in the proper broker selection. There are just too many scams out there!

We have recently received a lot of questions regarding the LexaTrade site. We decided to have a closer look at the broker and make a verdict whether LexaTrade is a scam or not. Enjoy!



Trading Possibilities

The first thing we decided to check out in this forex review is what does LexaTrade offers on the platforms. We found three options, and all of them appeared to be really decent:

  • MetaTrader 4 (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  • MetaTrader 5 (Web, Desktop, Mobile)
  • LexaTrade Mobile Platform

The good thing is that you can trade from anywhere you want if you have your mobile phone with you, and you use the login option with one LexaTrade account. And, of course, you get a big advantage due to the availability of special mobile versions that keep most of the benefits of the original web and desktop programs.

It is important to note that all the platforms include all the required instruments: charts, indicators, signals, etc. You will not have any trouble working with this software!

Advantages In Comparison With Other Brokers

When you open the LexaTrade official site, it is possible to see that a 30% deposit bonus is offered to new users. Also, 1:200 leverage, 0% mission to crediting the account, and 1.6 Euro/Dollar price spreads quotes are offered. We do not even mention the 24/7 client support because this is how EVERY brokerage service is supposed to work.

Some other features include a personal manager, an autochartist market analyzing technology, a lot of trading tools with automatic signals when profits can be made, and a multi-language call center. The lexatrade.com site has four languages available: English, Polish, Spanish, and German.

What is LexaTrade and Can This Broker Be Trusted?


You can see that a broker cares about you when there is a free educational section. At LexaTrade, no login is required to get access to all the educational materials. A series of several short video-lessons is offered in these sections:

  • Forex Trading;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Trading Psychology;
  • Trading Strategies;
  • CFDs;
  • Stocks;
  • MT4;
  • Forex books.

All these sections are designed for beginning traders to get a better understanding of the field. These lessons will give you the basic skills which can be developed by practicing regularly.

Can LexaTrade Be Trusted? Commentary by Mark Nelson

We are getting closer to making our verdict. For our LexaTrade review, we have given an interview to Mark Nelson — a former trader that works with this brokerage service.

“Hello, Mark. How long have you been trading with LexaTrade? How did you start trading?”

“Hello! I’ve been trading for already four months. I was interested in the possibility to work from home. I work in a bank, you know? So I had some understanding of the way things work there when I started. However, I did have to learn something new like the usage of a trading platform, trading signals, and stuff.”

“Why did you choose LexaTrade?”

“I’ve been watching many videos on the Internet and one of them talked about trading. They mentioned LexaTrade there, so I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, I didn’t even read any reviews. I registered and invested some money right away. I have to tell you, I was quite lucky that LexaTrade is not a fraud!”

“What are your earnings since you started trading?”

“I cannot be sure about that. I think that for four months I have earned somewhere near $10,000. I trade when I have free time. As a part-time job, you know?”

“I see. Was the withdrawal quick?”

“It took a day for the money to be on my bank account.”

“Would you recommend LexaTrade?”


As you can see, people recommend working with this broker. Now let us look at some other comments from several trading forums.

Customer Opinions On LexaTrade

Here are several LexaTrade customer reviews we managed to find on a number of trading forums.

Alexandr, Russia

“LexaTrade is not the first broker I work with. There were several others that left only negative emotions. I was worried that LexaTrade was another lie and cheat but I was lucky enough. After I used the login on lexatrade.com it was a bit frustrating — the previous websites were totally different! I asked a lot of questions from the support and they helped me understand where is everything I need is located. I’m glad I work with this broker because it is easy, comfortable, profitable, and the support really helps!”

Nguyen, Vietnam

“A friend of mine mentioned he earned money by investing in stocks. I was interested and he told me about LexaTrade. I could not find anything about it on the Internet, so I trusted him. I am really glad I did because now I can make $100 a day in a few hours without having to work hard physically!”

Our Verdict

According to all the information that we have gathered, LexaTrade is a broker that CAN be TRUSTED. The tools, platforms, and user opinions point out that this is a reliable service. If you still wonder about somebody’s words and think about why forex is a scam, we recommend reading some other reviews on our website.