SPECTRE stands for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange. This came to be the world’s first-ever broker-free financial trading platform. This kind of structure is made possible through the use of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing the creation of smart contracts for binary trading, foreign exchange, contract for difference, and virtual coin trading. 

Far from the usual trading platforms that we know, this blockchain-powered system intends to revolutionize the trading industry through its broker-free feature. There is no presence of web intermediaries since the platform functions as its own broker. This allows clients to personally place trades in the financial markets. In addition to this, not only does it remove the standard protocol of traditional platforms, it also has commendable security features. This means clients can maximize the use of this decentralized platform far from scams and fraudulent activities that usually occur in centralized exchanges. 

Since the system is decentralized, the broker comes in a form of autonomous liquidity pool owned by investors themselves. This pool acts as a community complete with networks, enabling clients to choose and trade the best assets. The structure completely resolved the issue of non-transparency and increased the level of decentralization, bringing a new and advantageous setup to the financial services sector. 



BROKERLESS PLATFORM- Despite being a trading platform, it is decentralized. This secures traders from expensive charges, anomalous financial activities, and other rough points that they may encounter when using a centralized exchange. As all transactions placed within the system are validated and checked using smart contracts, traders can trade with each other without the risk of financial wipeouts. More so, the smart contracts drive the course of payouts and outcomes, ensuring that clients experience a fraud-free trading. 

FLEXIBLE DEPOSITS- As this works through the Ethereum blockchain, users have the liberty to connect their Ether wallet to the system. Linking the Ether wallet to Spectre may give clients easier fund transfer since finances can be directly credited and debited via Spectre portal. Clients need not worry since there are no account managers or representatives that may subject finances to financial discrepancies. 

VERIFICATION- Traders are also secured since all transactions are verified and documented on the immutable web database. This process is carried out by a network of nodes across the globe, recording all the debits and credits to traders accounts. 

WIDE SELECTION OF ASSETS- The purpose of Spectre is to act as a one-stop shop that provides all trading needs. Since this is the platform’s objective, it completely provides assets that can be traded round the clock as allowed by Spectre’s unique balance sheet structure. Assets offered include: 

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Fiat currencies
  • Bonds
  • Binary Options
  • Contract for difference
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Stocks


The platform provides two types of token, the Dividend token (SXDT) and the Utility token (SXUT). The purpose of this is to provide traders larger investment options. While majority of investors go for liquidity over yield, others still resort for a token that has higher margin of profitability. Either way, the double-token system ensures that every investor’s needs are satisfied while abiding with trade policies. 

  • UTILITY TOKEN (SXUT) – This is the regular token of Spectre which function is similar to other token of any platform. Clients may use this to purchase other tokens available in the pool. Moreover, this token is used to have an access to Spectre’s unique features such as educational tools, market and financial indicators, smart contract functions, and percentage-based payouts. 
  • DIVIDEND TOKEN (SXDT) – While centralized exchanges offer bonuses, Spectre, on the other hand,  also gives rewards just by keeping a dividend token. A total of 2% monthly dividend is given to every SXDT holders generated from every trade placed on the platform. As this is the case, increased number of transactions entails higher dividend for SXDT holders. 

What’s more interesting is it pays SXDT holders a special dividend at the end of every financial year. This is applicable only if the SXDT reaches a considerable amount of finances. But regardless, SDXT still has a higher margin of profitability compared to SXUT because of this reward scheme. 


To state the obvious, centralized exchanges are flawed and susceptible to financial discrepancies. Spectre resolves this issue by providing an optimum solution that removes the presence of intermediaries. With a system that does not rely on third-party options, clients may now enjoy the most secured, reliable and flexible exchange for trading.